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Selected Credits

"TELL THE TRUTH AND RUN: George Seldes and the American Press" Theatrically released documentary about the life of an extraordinary journalist, featuring Susan Sarandon and Ed Asner.

1997 Academy Award Nominee, Documentary Feature
1996 S. F. Int'l Film Festival Golden Spire Award


"DEADLY DECEPTION: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons and Our Environment" Controversial broadcast documentary about General Electric's deceptive practices and campaign of disinformation.

1991 Academy Award Winner, Documentary Short Subject
CINE Golden Eagle Award


"IT'S ELEMENTARY: Talking About Gay Issues in School"
Ground breaking documentary being used by school systems nationwide to begin a dialogue on issues of bias and sexual orientation.

CINE Golden Eagle Award
Chicago Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival:
Best Documentary, 1996
S. F. Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival:
Best Documentary, 1996


"ABRAHAM LINCOLN: A New Birth Of Freedom." National PBS broadcast documentary featuring Louis Gosset Jr., Peter Coyote, Andrew Young.

CINE Golden Eagle Award


"AMERICA'S NATIONAL PARKS: The Spirit Within" Historical documentary and armchair travel guide produced for the Disney Channel.

Daytime Emmy Award


"THE BATTLE TO SAVE MONO LAKE" The story of a community's successful fight to preserve an ecological treasure. Sponsored by KTEH for PBS distribution.


"THE WAY IT WAS" Historical Documentary about San Francisco's past, from the turn of the century through the 1950's. Produced by KQED-TV and aired by numerous PBS stations nationwide.


"COOKING AT THE ACADEMY" (Series I and II) Music packages for both highly succesful Public Television series.


"FIRST EDITION" Underscore for PBS series on authors and books.



"MISSION TO MARS" Interactive kiosk installation for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.


"BUMPTZ SCIENCE CARNIVAL" Theatrix Interactive's educational CD-ROM for elementary school children.


"ANIMALS 2.0" Arnowitz Studios' Education CD-ROM for children.


"LIQUID ASSETS: The Ecology of Water" A two hour educational Laser disk featuring 30 case histories of acquatic ecosystems and man's interaction with them.


"SNOOTZ MATH TREK" Theatrix Interactive's CD-ROM for elementary school children.



"NINTENDO / MOBILE UNIT NIGHTMARES" National spot for Capcom's Nintendo game.


"INTEL: THE COMPUTER INSIDE" National Underwriting credit for "Square One" program.


"THE FACES OF AIDS" Series of 16 PSA's produced for Group-W TV profiling people whose lives have been affected by AIDS.


"KDTV ANCHOR SPOTS" 12 image pieces for San Francisco news team anchors.


"JOE MONTANA / BIG BROTHER" PSA for the Big Brother Program.


"TEMPERATURES RISE" Drought conservation spot for Northern California.



"PARAMOUNT PICTURES MEDLEY" Theme Park Installation. Producer: Paramount Pictures.


"SPIRIT OF '76" Music Editor on this Feature film produced by Commercial (Zoetrope) Pictures.


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