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Music Samples
Main Title / "In The Light of Reverence" (MP3, 1.03MB)
Main Title / "Bay Window" (MP3, 764KB)
Main Title / "Divine Food" (MP3, 806KB)
Main Title / "Cooking at The Academy" (MP3, 747KB)

Dramatic / Underscore  
Nighttime Anxiety / "The Night Listener" (MP3, 585KB)
Clark Dreams of his Parents / "Fruit of The Vine" (MP3, 1.02MB)
Matteotti ‘s Murder / "Tell The Truth and Run" (MP3, 891KB)
Destruction of Hopi Lands / "In The Light of Reverence" (MP3, 1.16MB)

World / Ethnic  
My Chinese Parents / "Citizen Hong Kong" (MP3, 825KB)
Grandma was from India / "Secrets of Silicon Valley" (MP3, 689KB)
Old Country Jewish Wedding / "Divine Food" (MP3, 449KB)
Journey to Bali / "Royal Viking Cruises" (MP3, 915KB)

Regional / Historic  
Black Hills Run / "In the Light of Reverence" (MP3, 853KB)
Back Porch / "Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of Freedom" (MP3, 789KB)
Cajun Two-Step / "Easy Pickings" (MP3, 593KB)
San Francisco Rag (1900’s) / "The Way It Was" (MP3, 572KB)
The Homefront (1940's) / "Lifeline: Oakland Naval Supply in WWII" (MP3, 710KB)

Cartoon / Comedy  
Uncle Morty’s Weird Machine / "Divine Food" (MP3, 645KB)
Snooping Around...Uh Oh, Klingons! / "Fruit of the Vine" (MP3, 825KB)
Cartoon Time (MP3, 1.03MB)

Vocal Arrangements  
Bringing In A Brand New Year / "This Christmas" (MP3, 1.08MB)
It Never Entered My Mind / "Clairdee Sings Richard Rogers" (MP3, 1.08MB)
Levi’s Blues / "Birth of The Blues" (MP3, 915KB)
A Child Is Born / "This Christmas" (MP3, 1.07MB)



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