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Coventry Studio Facilities

ELCOME TO COVENTRY STUDIO. We offer “turnkey” solutions and highly personalized service to clients with a wide range of audio post-production needs. Because our work is so diverse (creating scores for film, video, radio, TV and multimedia, CD album recording, spoken-word projects) we've optimized the studio to comfortably and efficiently handle these assignments:

  • Acoustic music recording direct to hard disk (in ProTools or Digital Performer), CD or DAT
  • Music editing and sweetening for film and video (with tracks from our library of original compositions, or yours.
  • Narration / Voice-over recording and editing
  • Scoring to picture (SMPTE synch to video)
  • Scoring to (fixed or variable) click track.
  • MIDI sequencing
  • Telephone hybrid audio production, with two-way transmission and recording capabilities:
    • Conference and record in-studio and “remote” guests
    • Direct and record interviews (VO sessions etc) with geographically distant talent as “double enders” or via phone line.
    • Feed or receive any digital or analog audio source (live studio mics, CDs, DATs, etc) via phone. This is a great way to allow clients or collaborators in other locations to quickly audition time-sensitive, deadline driven projects

As producers, studio musicians, engineers and editors, we know how to get the best performances from people "on the other side of the glass." A relaxed, creative atmosphere, reasonable rates and a stunning view of San Francisco make Coventry Studio a great place to work. Call for rates, references and availability.

Phone: 510-526-6380
Email: covstudio@herbstmusic.com

Control Room:
  • Mixing Console: Mackie 8 bus
  • Computers: Power Mac G4s / MOTU and Digidesign Interfaces
  • Software: Digital Performer, ProTools
  • Recorders: Hard Drives, HHB 830 Plus CD, SV-3800 DAT
  • Monitoring: Mackie, JBL, Auratone
  • Mics: Neuman, AKG, Audio Technika, EV, Shure, Sony
  • Mic Pre’s and Processing: ART, Lexicon, Yamaha, Klark-Teknik
  • Synths, Samplers & Keyboards: Roland, Yamaha, Kurzweil, E-mu

Studio Main Room:
  • 1907 Steinway Model "A" Grand Piano
  • Variable acoustics / treated with RPG absorbers
  • Multiple (independently controlled) headphones

Isolation Booth:
  • Suitable for vocals, drums, soloists, guitar amps, etc.



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